More Important Information – Message from the Medic

Derllys member Dr Owain Ennis would like to convey the following message:

I’m sure many of you will know people working in the nhs be they family members, close friends or casual acquaintances. One or 2 of us also work there ourselves.


The situation is extremely serious and the statistics on mortality rates in certain groups is shocking.

We are not making this up; this is not a mild disease for everyone and we all know someone who is at risk of dying and it is likely that some people we know and love will die as a result.


Following the govt advice on social distancing may save your life and the lives of many that you know and those that you don’t know.


Local nhs services are working extremely hard to prepare for this and it’s important that every one of you also does the same and behaves responsibly.


Please spread this message far and wide.


Sorry to sound so preachy, but it really is that important to us all.